My poem to win $500

“I’ll be back”

“See you soon,” that’s what he said


He left far far away, only he knows where

Summer days passed


It’s a bummer that you’re gone, the summer is now over

And you’re still not home like you promised


I lay awake at night “Where are you?” I ask

No phone, maybe no home

“Where are you?”


You said you’d be back, you said you’d see me soon

I waited and waited, you never returned


Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months

Months turn into years…


I’ll never forget you..See you soon?


Comment what other poems I should write about.

Have you written a poem if so what was it about?

100 word challenge

“CRASH!” I went outside to see what that noise was. Outside in my yard was an enormous hole. I discover a strange glowing sphere in the hole. I gingerly picked it up. I stared into the sphere and saw my reflection, however my reflection looked different. My face was yellow my teeth were falling out. I screamed, and woke up. “That was a remarkable dream” I thought to myself. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush but when I opened my mouth, my teeth were gone and my face was still yellow.

The noise was so loud

It all started when I heard a bang.  It was the first time I heard a gunshot, the noise was so loud.  I looked outside, it was terrible.  Buildings were burning, there were bodies on the ground, smoke in the air.  I didn’t know what was happening.  I quickly got in my car and drove to my mothers house. While driving there I saw these strange creatures with human features, but these thing were definitely not human. When i got there couldn’t find my mom anywhere.  I grabbed my old baseball bat and left the house.  I realized it was now every man for himself.

100 word challenge

Luke Jerram and his team of explorers were out at sea, in search of riches and fame.  They spotted a small island and decided to stop.  They parked all five of their boats on this island.  The island was full of beautiful trees almost as if it was a forest.  Once they were ready they set off to explore. But what the explorers didn’t know was this forest was very dangerous.   Slowly one by one the explored vanished into the forest, until none were to be found.  Still today their board can be found on this mysterious and treacherous  island.

Meet my community

My community is my class we call ourselves Team Pride.  In my class we all have jobs so we can all contribute.  Every Friday our teacher pays us for doing our jobs, sometimes she will give us bonus money if we are really good at our jobs.  Every day when we recite our class pledge that we created together and every time we say our pledge we dab at the end just to make it more fun.  We are a community that sticks together encourages each other, and supports each other.  We are Team Pride!

How to grow your brain


Have you ever wondered how your brain works?  Ever thought that your brain just stayed the same?  Well your brain doesn’t stay the same your brain can actually grow a lot, and I’m going to give you some tips on how grow your brain.

If you want to grow your brain then you can try new thing whether it’s a different way to see a math problem or it’s just something you haven’t done before.  Making mistakes can also help you grow your brain, (WHAAAAT?!) yeah I know It’s strange but researchers found that when you make mistakes (even if you don’t know you made a mistake) your brain grows a lot.

In my class we researched how to grow our brains if you want to learn more about your brain go check out my classmates blogs or if you want to know about growth and fixed mindset go check out my slideshow.  Do you know anything about our brain comment below if you do. 

I’m Back!

Hey guys, I’m officially a 6th grader!  I’m so exited to share my experience with you guys.  I still have the Mrs Vazquez  for sixth grade, which is awesome!  In my opinion she is the funnest teacher ever.  If you  want to know more about me then go on my all about me.

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