Piggies!                                                                                                                          FraserElliot via Compfight

Pigs oh pigs oh how I love pigs.

They may be dirty but are so yummy.

They give us so many things like bacon and sausages.

Pigs oh pigs how cute your babies are.

So small and cute and when they snort the sounds adorable!

Pigs oh pigs oh how I love you so.

Robots….Cool or Creepy


robot-312566_1280Robots are helping people in many ways, yet people think robots are creepy!  According to the article “Robots On The Job” robots are assisting  surgeons, and people think that is creepy! What do you think? I think robots are cool.

Robots are taking jobs which is very helpful. Let me tell you why,if robots take over job then people get more family time. People ask if robots take over jobs how will we get money well robots are actually creating more jobs because people need to train and program the robots. Less humans will get hurt because robots are mostly doing dangerous task that humans can’t do.

Robots assist people in many ways according to the article “Robots On The Job”  at the Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California all you have to do is call the front desk  for some towels and instead of the person at the front desk bringing you towel a robot with a touch pad face will come with your towels. If you think that’s cool wait till you hear that a robot is a security guard for Microsoft offices. If you don’t know Microsoft is the largest software company in the world.They scan the areas for any suspicious activity, and if they see anything wrong they their built in siren goes off to alert human security guards.

If you are still not convinced that robots are cool well then did you know that robots are also very good salespersons? According to the article “ Robots on the job ” Pepper,, a robot has started a new job selling coffee makers in a store in japan. Pepper chatted with customers and help them choose the right machine. This robot can have a real conversation just like a human! He can also interact with all the other Peppers because they are all connected to an internet network.

So after reading about how robots help surgeons, are security guards, and help by doing jobs for humans do you think robots are cool or do you think they are creepy?





Sandbox madness!!!


Do you know what a sandbox is? You probably think you do but it’s not a sandbox with sand in it. If you want to learn about sandboxes click here. Our class got to experiment with sandboxes (it was so much fun). They have LED lights on the sand boxes and they let us figure out how to turn them on and change their color!

After we played with the sandboxes we made flowers out of water bottles. We colored them and they melted the top to make them look like petals. Then they let us see their green screen room! It looked so awesome!

It was really fun but I still wonder how they make sandboxes? If you has any questions comment below.

The Desert Biome.

Biomes make up the world.You can find Deserts on every continent exept Antarctica .The Desert only gets ten inches of water a year.It has a high rate of evaporation.In the Desert biome it can be very windy day and night.In the day the sun’s heat warms the air Biomes make up the world.You can find Deserts on every continent exept Antarctica .The Desert only gets ten inches of water a year.It has a high rate of evaporation.In the Desert biome it can be very windy day and night.In the day the sun’s heat warms the air and land.

The plants in the Desert have thorns and spikes to protect themselves from animals.They also have waxy skin and thick stems to collect water.The plants might have leaves to store water.

The animals have to adapt to survive in the Desert.For example they adapt to being nocturnal and having camouflage.In the Desert the prey are bunnies,snakes,and other small animals.Animals in the Desert have body adaptations to keep cool.Some animals use there senses to survive too.

 These are only some things about the Desert biome.There are many other animals,plants,and locations where the Desert can be.Atacama Desert — Fotopedia


Light it up


In my class we did this project where you make a holiday card with one light or more. But the bad part is we didn’t get to keep them. We had to send them to people around the USA. Inside of our cards we had a simple circuit made out of copper tape. It was frustrating  when we had to put in the light because the lights were so small. When I finally got mine to light we took a break and when I got back it stopped working . So I just started to decorate my card. But it was all worth it because in the end it was awesome. It was so sad that we had to send them.

Have you ever learned about circuits.



My animal is the scorpion.The scorpion lives in the desert biome.

The scorpion is a light brown color.It uses it’s light brown color as camouflage to hide from predators. Scorpions have a shell like structure. The scorpion is three inches long head to tail. It has jointed jaws to tear food and the scorpion is very venomous.

A scorpion can have six to twelve eyes.Scorpions live in dark places. Many scorpions are found in deserts and jungles. Scorpions live all over the world except Antarctica. Scorpions live mostly on ground but can also be found on trees.

The hairs on it’s legs detect the movement of animals. There are joints between the segment of the tail that allow it to bend easily. They mostly eat rats, mice,and lizards. The scorpion is a carnivore.My animal is interesting because it is venomous but you can still keep it as a pet. Scorpions have six legs and two claws. Scorpions can do many more things so these are only a few things the scorpion does in it’s habitat.

Gross science!!


We did a GROSS science experiment where you have four types of milk regular cold milk,ultra cold milk,regular warm milk and ultra warm milk. We wanted to see which one would get the most bacteria in other words we wanted to see which one would get the chunkiest.

So we left the milk next to a window for a few days. As they were at the window we recorded the data in our note books. We got the idea of doing this project from a book called Gross Science. This was a very fun activity to do I really enjoyed it.

Have you ever tried this activity? You should try this at home and tell me how it went. And if you do this do not spill!!

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